ICT and Cognitive Science lab
... applying human-centred approaches from cognitive psychology and social science to better design digital technologies
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Nowadays, the digital revolution is drastically changing our lives, yet the possibilities offered by the technological progress are too often driven by mere technological opportunities rather than thoughtful consideration of what human beings really need to improve quality of life.
We believe that design of digital technologies should start and finish by considering the cognitive, social and ethical aspects of human beings as part of social communities.

Our projects are always organized around three main set of activities:

User research

… to elicit users’ needs and practices, leveraging approaches and methods from social sciences.

Design of interaction of digital artefacts

… considering cognitive opportunities and limitation as well as social impact of design choices.

Evaluation of digital technologies

... in the lab and “in the wild”, using methodologies from cognitive and social psychology


The activities organized by the lab are grounded in the teaching for the bachelor degree (laurea triennale) Interfacce e Tecnologie della Comunicazione (offered in Italian), for the master degree (laurea magistrale) Human-Computer Interaction (offered in English) as well as on the research work of Phd students.
Students are involved in all our projects.

Storytelling and language-based interfaces


Practice-based perspective on design of digital artefacts


Interacting with intelligent systems


Wearable and tangible interaction


Ethical aspects of design


Recent Pubblications


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As a joint initiative of the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science at the University of Trento and the Center for Information and Communication Technology of Fondazione Bruno Kessler, the lab collaborates with several FBK groups and in particular with the Smart Cities & Communities area.



    Massimo Zancanaro - Univ. of Trento & FBK
    Remo Job - Univ. of Trento
    Gianluca Schiavo - FBK
    Other participants:
    Nicola De Pisapia - Univ. of Trento
    Barbara Treccani - Univ. of Trento
    PhD students:
    Irene Laudanna - Univ. of Trento & FBK
    Margherita Andrao - Univ. of Trento & FBK
    Former PhD students and collaborators:
    Carolina Rutta
    Andrea Beretta
    Luca Ducceschi